Frequently asked questions

Nomi’s answer for home safety is unlike any other out there. We’re ready to help you understand the difference, and the advantages. If these don’t fully answer your questions, feel free to write to us at or call 844 4-SECORA (473-2672).


How is Nomi different from other home safety systems?
Nomi PERS+ and the Nomi Care System present whole new ways to ensure your safety at home, overcoming the limitations of traditional systems, like old fashioned medical help buttons (also called Personal Emergency Response Systems or PERS).

First, you don’t need to wear a button. Research shows wearing the pendant or wristband is a nuisance to some people, and others sometimes forget to wear them—and they’re not helpful when they’re out of reach. By simply shouting “Help”, you are instantly connected to others.

Second, Nomi detects many issues automatically, not just pushes of the help button. Nomi PERS+ sends automatic alerts for inactivity, and the Nomi Care System provides automatic alerts and easy to read reports, you can know more about urgent issues and longer-term trends anytime.

Third, Nomi is easy to install, and once it’s running you can forget about it. No new telephone line, internet connection, or special construction is necessary.

Fourth, unlike traditional PERS buttons, you choose where the call goes—such as to a family member, friend, or neighbor. And, it’s easy to cancel false alarms, which can be a real problem with traditional PERS button systems.

Finally, in the case of the Nomi Care System, you get proactive information about changes in behavior that can lead to health problems. This knowledge about daily patterns and changes in them can be invaluable for maintaining a safe and healthy independent life at home.

But please note, Nomi is not an emergency response system. It does not diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat, or alleviate disease.