Better home safety for Mom and Dad

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After a lifetime of work and caring for others, Mom and Dad have earned their independence and privacy. But that doesn’t have to come at the expense of their safety, or your peace of mind.

Nomi offers unique solutions to the challenge of making a safe and independent life at home possible.

  • Hands-free technology to make calls for help even without a button

  • Automatic alerts for dangerous patterns and serious events

  • Research and development for patented technology supported by the National Institutes of Health

  • Verified by the Better Business Bureau

Simplicity + Safety

Nomi PERS+


It's time to expect more from the medical alert button. Nomi PERS+ takes the emergency button to the next level.

With Nomi PERS+, Mom—or Dad!—has the assurance of an emergency button with the backup of hands-free help call and inactivity detection, so if there is an accident, even if they don't have or can’t get to the pendant, they can just shout for help. Better, Nomi PERS+ automatically detects unexpected inactivity and alerts you.

  • Medical alert pendant PLUS hands-free shout for help, two-way voice communication

  • Automatic alerts for inactivity, smoke alarm, power loss, and high/low temperatures

  • Easy setup: No apps, internet connection, or telephone necessary

  • Calls to family first with emergency response backup

$39.00 / month with a 30-day free trial. No long-term contract, cancel anytime. Free shipping. 

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Comprehensive safety at home

Nomi Care System


Stay close to those you love the most, without compromising your independence. Nomi casts a virtual safety blanket over your home, so you can live your life with the peace of mind that you’re always connected to your family.

  • Independence

    With Nomi in your home, you can continue to live your life as you like, without burdensome technology getting in the way.

  • Safety

    Nomi covers your entire home, around the clock, so your connection to others is just a shout away.

  • Knowledge

    Nomi helps you stay ahead of potential problems to maintain a healthy life at home—and to react when something urgent occurs.

$99.00 / month with a 30-day free trial. No long-term contract, cancel anytime. Free shipping. 

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