Nomi PERS+

Next-generation passive care system with voice activation, intelligent alerts, and seamless path to comprehensive ADL monitoring

Value to your customers

Three layers of protection for about the same price as traditional PERS

Unique technology for hands-free home safety

AI-based voice interface so customers can summon help without a button

Integrated motion sensor provides configurable, reliable, prompt inactivity alerts

Complete on-board processing allows operation independent of a centralized monitoring station if desired

Seamless pathway from PERS to home monitoring

Enables detailed pattern analysis and nuanced alert configuration

Foundation of a full disease- or ADL-monitoring system; Low-energy BlueTooth 5.0 can connect other sensors (blood pressure, weight, etc) to infrastructure

Flexible business models

Technology IP can be licensed to integrate in current products; System can be white labeled; Option for custom design to specification

Pricing flexibility: system cost is low enough that it can be offered at a low price point to capture market share or positioned as a high-end product at a higher price

Value to your business

Unmatched market differentiation and technology strategy

Passive and voice activation

Customers need only shout for help, and get instant voice communication with family or other designated caregivers—eliminating the need to always wear a button

Automatic alerts

Configurable alerts for prolonged inactivity, smoke alarm, dangerous temperature, and other optional sensors

Alert list is customizable, enabling family-first alerts if desirable

Waterproof button with range indication

Pushbutton convenience with protection against water damage and signal loss

Comprehensive ADL data

Pattern recognition and predictive analytics for in-home health and safety

Nomi Care System

Nomi PERS+ is easily upgradeable to the Nomi Care System—a whole-home, continuous, passive monitoring system measuring movement patterns, kitchen and bathroom use, sleep patterns, and socialization

System enables automatic alerts for urgent and emerging issues, and provides data for long-term trend analysis

Efficient and secure

Data are processed locally and transmitted to servers via secure, encrypted connection

Self-contained local network and cellular communication—customer doesn’t need an internet connection or new telephone line

Extensible platform for comprehensive data collection

Nomi system collects passive data (machine sounds, activity, and voice) and can integrate active sensor inputs (blood pressure, weight, etc) into your infrastructure

Nomi PERS+ vs traditional help buttons

Old-Fashioned PERS Nomi PERS+
Optional family-first contact
Call for help detection
Configurable inactivity alerts
Smoke alarm alert
High/low temperature alert
Electricity loss alert
Expandable to multiple nodes
Expandable to ADL monitoring
Waterproof pendant Some
Need a home phone? (cellular) Some No
Out-of-range indicator
Self-diagnostics for reliable operation
Easy to install and activate

Business advantages

Offer unique high-value features to customers

Comprehensive solution can engage customers earlier and keeping them longer

Lead the market with medical grade voice-first technology

Lower operating costs reduce burdens on central station

Technology advantages

The system is a high quality, reliable medical device developed under an ISO-13485 compliant Quality Management System, yet employs cutting-edge AI and other fast-moving “commodity” technologies

Console has battery back-up, a secure, fully encrypted cellular link, and clear, loud two-way voice communications

IP for voice processing or other features can be used in other devices such as mPERS

First unit can be hub for sensor network, enabling easy expansion for better coverage.