An ounce of prevention

Stay ahead of problems that can send Mom to the hospital

No matter how careful Mom is at home alone, accidents happen. But do you know you can get ahead of many accidents, and keep Mom safer at home?

How it happens

Good intentions, serious risks

“I can help myself”
Nobody likes to think they’re helpless. But sometimes an accident is so serious that a person simply needs help­—the sooner, the better.

“I won’t fall”
Falls are among the most dangerous potential accidents at home. As safe as home might be, a fall can happen anytime, and the  consequences can be very serious.

“I don’t want the fuss”
Often, people don’t ask for help because they don’t want the firefighters and ambulance to come over. But pride and independence shouldn’t get in the way when help is needed, even if it’s from a neighbor or nearby friend.

How to Help

Guides for talking about safety

Our guide to talking about risks and safety precautions can help you show Mom or Dad that you care, and help you find solutions.

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The problem with help buttons

PERS: Not predictive, not preventive

The Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) buttons were a revolution in senior care when they appeared in the ’70s—but they don’t go far enough today. Why?

Buttons are good only after something happens—by then, a lot of damage is already done.

You have to push the button to get help. It turns out, as many as 97% of people with a help button don’t use it—either because they can’t, or just don’t want to.

So, how can you avoid these problems or respond better when they occur?

prevention and rapid response

Nomi: A virtual safety blanket

Nomi offers a whole new approach to keeping Mom (or Dad) safe at home alone as they age.



Mom doesn’t have to wear a pendant or press a button to get help. All she has to do it shout “Help” and you get the alert. You can even have a 2-way voice conversation.

Automatic alerts

When Nomi senses something is wrong, you get a trend notification or an urgent alert—even when Mom can’t call you herself.

Proactive notifications

Nomi tells you when things are changing, such as less sleeping or more trips to the bathroom, so you can address problems before they become more serious.

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Bring Nomi home

The Nomi Care System includes:

  • Four pods (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath; more pods available for larger homes)
  • Base unit in polished cherry wood case
  • Power supplies for each unit
  • Online report access and instant notifications
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First month free

Get Nomi today and your first month is free! No long-term contract required, satisfaction guaranteed.

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