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Help Mom stay at home longer, without compromising safety

Mom is happy at home, but she’s getting older and you can’t always be there for her. If she’s not in need of around the clock medical care, do you know how you can help Mom live at home safely longer?

Aging in place

Happier at home, not in the home

As Mom ages, it may seem that to keep her safe, she needs to leave home. But if you can make her home life safe, staying at home offers many psychological and financial benefits:

Independence and privacy
Moving in with family or into assisted living facilities or nursing homes inevitably comes at the expense of one’s idependence—an important part of our identities.

Cost saving
Nursing home and assisted living facilities often cost much more than staying at home. The average cost of a private room in a nursing home in 2016 was over $253 a day!

Familiar environment
One’s home—filled with a lifetime’s treasures and mementos—and community are central to our wellbeing and independence. Familiar routines and people are especially important later in life.

How to Help

Guides for talking about safety

Mom (or Dad!) wants to stay at home, but you worry about their health and safety. Our guide to talking about risks and safety precautions can help you find solutions.

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A virtual safety blanket

How Nomi can help

Nomi offers a whole new approach to helping Mom (or Dad) live safely at home alone as they age.


Hands-free, 24x7 safety monitoring

Mom doesn’t have to wear a pendant or press a button to get help. All she has to do it shout “Help” and you get the alert. You can even have a 2-way voice conversation.

Automatic alerts

When Nomi senses something is wrong, you get a trend notification or an urgent alert—even when Mom can’t call you herself.

Proactive notifications

Nomi tells you when things are changing, such as less sleeping or more trips to the bathroom, so you can address problems before they become more serious.

Trend reports

Nomi lets you know what’s changing over time, so even if Mom doesn’t realize something might be wrong, you can check in—whether you live across town or across the country.

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Bring Nomi home

The Nomi Care System includes:

  • Four pods (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath; more pods available for larger homes)
  • Base unit in polished cherry wood case
  • Power supplies for each unit
  • Online report access and instant notifications
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