Nomi data security

What data does Nomi collect, and how does it keep those data safe? Secora CEO Mike Dempsey explains the steps we’ve taken to protect your data and preserve your privacy.

For more about data security, see “Using Nomi” on our FAQs page.

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A virtual safety blanket over your home


With Nomi in your home, you can continue to live your life as you like, without burdensome technology getting in the way.



Nomi covers your entire home, around the clock, so your connection to others is just a shout away.



Nomi helps you stay ahead of potential problems to maintain a healthy life at home—and to react when something urgent occurs.

Nomi at a glance

What’s included in the Nomi system

  • Small unobtrusive pods in each room cover entire home
  • Connect to your loved ones simply by speaking up
  • Simple, secure online reports help avoid potential emergencies
  • Urgent notification service included
  • No landline or cellular service needed. No long term contracts.
How it works